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Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture

ISSN: 1934-7359 (Print); 1934-7367 (Online)
Frequency: monthly
Volume 18, Number 6, June 2024 (Serial Number 199)
Editorial Board Members

Names are listed in alphabetical order (A-Z).


Editor in Chief:

  Jamal Khatib (Professor, University of Wolverhampton)

  Personal Websites:

  Research fields: Sustainable construction materials; structural materials; using waste materials in construction application (e.g. recycled materials; industrial by-products); novel materials (e.g. metakaolin).


Editorial Board Members:

  Adriano Magliocco (Professor, University of Genova)

  Research fields: Sustainable development in architecture and urban planning.

  Ahmed Ibrahim (Assistant Professor, Bradley University)

  Research fields: Blast resistant design; Seismic design of structures; Modeling of non-linear behavior reinforced and self consolidating concrete (SCC); Digital imaging processing of concrete; Strengthening of concrete structures; Progressive collapse of bridges and structures.

  Ahmed Khalafallah (Assistant Professor, Kuwait University)

 Research fields: 1- Construction engineering and management; 2- Construction optimization; 3- Evolutionary algorithms; 4- Construction safety and security; 5- Scheduling and cost analysis; 6- Construction quality control; 7- Asset management.

  Alessandro De Masi (Professor, University of Padua)

  Research fields: Computerized representation techniques, digital models for analysis and visualization of cultural heritage, representation and analysis system for cultural heritage and landscape, relief assistance for the maintenance of the architectural heritage, cultural heritage data acquisition and processing, landscape perception, mapping and representation of intangible landscape, rural architecture.

   Alex Alves Bandeira (Professor, Federal University of Bahia)

  Research fields: Computational Mechanics; Concrete Structures; FRP Composites in Civil Engineering.

  Alfredo Serpell (Professor, CE Catholic University of Chile)

  Research fields: Project Management in general; Risk Management in projects; Cost Engineering; Claims in contracts; Quality Management; Productivity; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Knowledge management.

   Andrew Agapiou (Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde)

  Research fields: Legalities of the Construction Process; Construction Logistics; and the Construction Labour Process.

  Andrzej Gawdzik (Prof., University of Opole)

  Research fields: Process engineering in particular mathematical modelling and process designs.

  Arman Hashemi (Ph.D., University of Brighton)

  Research fields: Architectural Design; Sustainable Housing; Building Performance Evaluation; Natural Ventilation/Lighting; Indoor Air Quality; Thermal Comfort; and Offsite/Modern Methods of Construction.

  Attaullah Shah (Dr., Allama Iqbal Open University)

  Research fields: 1. Structural Engineering 2. Sustainable Built Environment 3. Construction management 4. Construction Economics, High Strength Concrete, Shear Strength of concrete, Concrete repairs, Construction management and Economic analysis of Projects etc..

  Atteshamuddin. S. Sayyad (Associate Professor, SRES’s College of Engineering)

  Research fields: Analysis of Composite Laminates (Bending, Buckling and Vibration analysis of laminated beams and plates, Thermal analysis of beams and plates, Analysis of sandwich structures); Fibre Reinforced Deep Beams.

  Barış Sayın (Associate Professor, Istanbul University)

  Research fields: RC buildings, infilled walls, coupled shear walls, shear wall-frame interaction, behavior of slab, behavior of torsional in buildings, strength properties of Briquettes, FRP strengthening for RC buildings and historical buildings.

  Bingyan Fang (Senior Integrity Engineer, PII Pipeline Solutions)

  Research fields: Environmentally assisted cracking, risk assessment, defect assessment, direct assessment, corrosion control design and management, materials selection, failure analysis, cathodic protection, coatings, inhibitors, fracture mechanics, electrochemistry.

  B. Misra (Professor, Kyoto University & Government of Japan)

  Research fields: 1. Planning and designing green /smart cities especially in the developing world; 2. Risk Communication and Disaster Risk Management; 3. Working with local communities for safer and sustainable habitats; 4. Capacity development at Municipal level and skill development and empowerment at the community level.

  Bong Yoo (Scientific Researcher, Ph.D., SCK-CEN)

  Research field: Earthquake engineering, structural dynamics and vibration related to nuclear structures such as reactor buildings, reactor vessels and safety related systems and components.

  Brian Uy (Professor, University of New South Wales)

  Research field: Structural engineering.

  Carlo Pellegrino (Full Professor, Ph.D., University of Padova)

  Research fields: Structural engineering, reinforced concrete and steel structures, bridges, strengthening of existing structures.

  Cemal Eyyubov (Professor, Erciyes University)

  Research fields: Studies in engineering seismology (Investigations about behavior of steel and reinforced concrete buildings during earthquakes and preparing design principles, Investigations of seperation principles of zones into earthquake zones and microzones, Investigations of major earthquakes on the macro seismic bases, Theoretical and experimental researches for preparing constructive measures in protecting from earthquakes damages to entities and peoples living in rural areas, Investigations of using possibilities of the local materials in the construction of earthquake resistant structures) Studies in designing steel construction (Designing steel structural system of high rise structures, Designing bridge structural systems, Designing structural systems of the large span social and sports buildings, Designing structural systems of industrial buildings).

  Cezary Madryas (Professor, Wroclaw University of Technology)

  Research fields: Examination of the underground urban infrastructure networks in terms of their reliability (in-situ studies, mathematical modeling, static-strength analysis using finite element method) - study the possibility of using trenchless technologies and new materials for construction and reconstruction of urban underground infrastructure networks taking into account the social costs - adaptation of the urban underground infrastructure network to the needs of the wide use of underground space in modern cities.

  Charis Alk. Apostolopoulos (Assistant Professor, University of Patras in European)

  Research fields: Strength of Materials, Advanced Strength of Materials, Steel Structure Analysis, Special Topics in Technology and Strength of Materials, Mechanical Behaviour of Materials.

  Chien-Chih Wang (Associate Professor, Cheng Shiu University)

  Research fields: Deep Excavation, Modeling Analysis of Soil and Concrete Material.

  Dashnor Hoxha (Professor, University of Orléans)

  Research fields: Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical coupling in heterogeneous materials, Durability of constructions, Heritage preservation and restoration, Numerical modeling, Mechanics and Dynamics of Structures.

  Deniz Hasirci (Associate Professor, Izmir University of Economics)

  Research fields: Children's environments, participatory design, environment-behavior studies.

  Derya Oktay (Professor, Ondokuz Mayıs University)

  Research fields: Urban Design, Sustainable Urbanism, Cultural and Ecological Dimensions of Housing Environments, Public Spaces, Quality of Urban Life and Liveability, Architectural Design in Urban Context.

  Diana Šimić Penava (Professor, University of Zagreb)

  Research fields: stability and buckling of thin-walled structures; stability and stress analysis of laterally restrained thin walled beams with open cross-section; behaviour of trapezoidal profiled sheets; design of steel structures; experimental methods; monitoring of structures; analysis and calculation of stress and strain in civil engineering structures; physical properties analysis of composite materials; calculation of bearing, rigidity, deformability, stability of unrestrained and laterally restrained thin-walled beams. Calculation and experimental determination of strain and stress calculation of structures (bridges, buildings, warehouses). Determination of stress and strain diagram of composite beams. The influence of anisotropy on the mechanical properties of materials.

  Dmitrijs Serdjuks (Professor, Riga Technical University)

  Research fields: Steel or timber structures.

  Dragoslav Stojic (Professor, University of Nis, Serbia)

  Research fields: Timber Structures and Masonry Structures.

  D. Venkat Reddy (Professor, Dr., National Institute of Technology Karnataka)

  Research fields: Geology-Engineering, Hydrogeology.

  Ehab Boghdadi Matar (Professor, Zagazig University)

 Research fields: Buckling of steel structures and plates; Composite structures and bridges; Fatigue assessment and evaluation of aged bridges; Inspection and repair of aged structures.

  Enedir Ghisi (Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina)

  Research fields: Energy efficiency in buildings, thermal performance of buildings, water consumption in buildings, and rainwater harvesting in buildings.

  Ferenc Kalmár (Prof., University of Debrecen)

  Research fields: Building Physics, Thermal comfort in buildings, Energy use in Buildings (mainly heating and ventilation systems).

  Francesca Scalisi (Assistant Prof., University of Palermo)

Research fields: Green materials; Natural and artificial innovative materials for architecture; Nanotechnologies for unfired clay bricks; Nanotechnologies and Cultural Heritage; Low-energy architecture; Nearly Zero Energy Building; Nanotechnology and earth construction, study of the mechanical properties of adobe brick stabilized by Laponite nanoparticles; Nano-structured materials in new and existing Buildings to improved performance and saving of energy; Cultural Heritage.

  Francesco Annunziata (Prof., University of Cagliari)

  Research fields: Roads design. new roads design; existing roads enhancement; roads maintenance.

  Francesco Bencardino (Assistant professor, University of Calabria)

  Research fields: Strengthening, repair and rehabilitation of existing structures using innovative materials (FRP, FRCM, SRG, SRP); Structural analysis and design of civil engineering systems; Experimental investigation and modelling of materials and structures; Concrete and composite concrete (FRC, HPC, UHPC, CRC, RPC, ECC, ...): behaviour of materials and structures.

  Gatot Rusbintardjo (Senior Lecturer, Universitas Islam Sultan Agung (UNISSULA))

  Research fields: Highway Engineering especially in the field of Pavement Materials.

  George C. Manos (Professor, Dr., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

  Research fields: Dynamic and earthquake behavior of civil engineering structures such as: Cultural heritage masonry structures; Reinforced concrete structures; Industrial facilities, laboratory investigation of the behavior of structural components or structural subassemblies in their original state and after being repaired with traditional or modern techniques as well as numerical simulation of their dynamic and earthquake performance.

  Gintaras Stauskis (Prof., Vilnius Gediminas Technical University)

  Research fields: Architecture, urban design including landscape architecture.

  Giovanna Franco (Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Genoa)

  Research fields: 1) The study of traditional technologies and building systems and techniques of recovery and maintenance; 2) Maintenance and upgrading of the XX Century Architecture; 3) Sustainability, Energy and Heritage; 4) Technological innovation and management of building complexes.

  Gupta Surya Parkash (Associate Professor, National Institute of Disaster Management)

  Research fields: Disaster management, engineering geology, environmental management, hazard, vulnerability, capacity and risk assessment in different geo-climatic areas, mainstreaming disaster risk reduction with development and climate change, promote disaster safe hill area development with particular focus on landslides, earthquakes and flash floods.

  Hamdy Elgohary (Prof., Dr., Umm Al-Qura University, KSA & Mansoura University, Egypt)

  Research fields: Behavior and analysis of reinforced concrete structures and elements , seismic design and dynamic behavior of structures, structural dynamics and structural engineering.

  Hamid Reza Saremi (Professor, Tarbiyat Modares University)

  Research fields: Urban design and urban planning, urban issue by using GIS systems and models (AIDA technique, AHP, etc.) for analyzing urban issues, urban history such as Islamic city.

  Hernan Casakin (Senior Lecturer, Ariel University)

  Research fields: Environmental psychology; Environmental sociology; Cultural studies, architecture and design; Cognitive psychology, and design thinking (process, product, designer); Urban and architectural morphology; Urban dynamics; Design education; Design creativity; Design tools; Design and emotion environmental psychology, architecture and sociology, urbanism, cultural studies, design cognition, design thinking, architectural education, creativity, design problem solving.

  Hong Zheng (Ph.D., Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences)

  Research fields: Geotechnical engineering, Computational Geomechanics; Slope Engineering; Applied and Computational Mathematics.

  Huapeng Chen (Associate professor, University of Greenwich)

  Research fields: civil engineering, including structural health monitoring, advanced numerical modelling, structural dynamics, behaviour of composite materials, structural condition assessment and soil-structure interaction.

  Humberto Varum (Associate Professor, Dr., University of Aveiro)

  Research fields: Seismic structural assessment, repair and strengthening (buildings and bridges); Earth constructions rehabilitation; Numerical modeling of the structural behavior; Monitoring of structures; Built heritage conservation.

  Iakov Iskhakov (Associate Professor, Ariel University)

 Research fields: Reinforced Concrete (RC) Structures and Elements (not materials and not architecture) - Experimental and Theoretical Investigations, Calculations and Design, RC Shell and Spatial Structures, Seismic Resistance of RC Structures.

  Jakob Likar (Professor, University of Ljubljana)

  Research fields: Rock mechanics, Geotechnics and Tunneling.

  Janis Balodis (Professor, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation)

  Research fields: Geodesy, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)  RTK networks, Real Time Kinematics (RTK) measurements,  satellite laser ranging (SLR) systems development and measurements, topographic mapping, Geoinformation systems, cadastre.

  Jiahao Lin (Professor, Dalian University of Technology (DUT))

 Research fields: 1. Seismic analysis of long-span structures; 2. Elasto-plastic analysis of multi-storey buildings subjected to seismic random excitations; 3. Comfort analysis of vehicles moving on uneven roads or railroad tracks; 4. Random loading identification of earthquakes, winds or roads.

  Jintae Lee (Dr., HNTB Corporation)

  Research fields: Pile foundation, Soft ground improvement and Slope stability.

  João Carlos Gonçalves Lanzinha (Assistant Professor, University of Beira Interior)

  Research fields: Building Inspection / Retrofit / Rehabilitation; Quality Assessment of Buildings; Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

  John Kinuthia (Senior Lecturer, University of Glamorgan)

  Research fields: Sustainable development / Waste management – Development of construction materials utilizing natural, industrial and agricultural waste for development of infrastructure; International development; Appropriate technology; Transportation, Highway engineering, Soil stabilization; Road construction and maintenance; Training in all above.

  John Ngaya Mukabi (Ph.D., Kensetsu Kaihatsu Limited)

  Research fields: Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Geoscience, Geophysics, Geomathematics, Pavement Structural Engineering, and Highway Engineering.

  J. S. Rao (Prof., Kumaraguru College of Technology)

  Research fields: Vibrations, Turbomachine Blade Aero and Structural Dynamics, Rotor Dynamics, CFD, Life Estimation, Fusion Reactor design.

  Juan Luis de las Rivas (Professor, University of Navarra)

  Research fields: Urban Design, Spatial Planning, Architecture and the City, Urban History, Urban Sustainability, Landscape Urbanism and Landscape Planning.

  Jyant Kumar (Professor, Indian Institute of Science)

  Research fields: 1. Use of Lower and Upper Bound Limit Analysis with FEM, Method of Characteristics, Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Method.2. Determination of Dynamic properties of soil and rock samples using Resonant Column, Bender and Extender Elements. 3. In-situ testing of ground, road and airport pavements using spectral analysis of surface waves. 4. Development of the vibration isolations methods to restrict the vibrations. 5. Stability of Slopes, Tunnels & Underground Openings 6. Stability of Reinforced Earth Structures 7. Seismic Response of ground, Design of structures in seismically active zones. 8. On Interference of Footings and Anchors. 9. Development of Miniature Cone Penterometer using Triaxial Testing Equipment  Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Non-Destructive testing.

  Kęstutis Zaleckis (Professor, KTU)

 Research fields: Urban history, complex urban modelling including fractal analysis, space syntax, etc., history of military architecture and its utilisation, Environmental impact assessment (from the point of view of visual characteristic of the environment).

  Khairy Hassan Abdelkareem (Prof., Assiut University)

  Research fields: 1- seismic analysis and design of structures, 2- design of bridges, tunnels and tower buildings, 3- steel structures, 4- quality control, 5- disaster management, construction management, 6- strength of materials, 7- strengthening, repair and rehabilitation of existing structures, etc., 8- Geotechnical Engineering, 9- Soil-Strucure Interaction, 10- Finite Element analysis, 11- Displacement design approach, 12- Other relevant topics.

  Khaled Galal Ahmed (Associate Professor, United Arab Emirates University)

  Research fields: Architectural and Urban Design, Building Construction, and Housing.

  Konstantinos Stamatopoulos (Dr., Hellenic Open University)

  Research fields: (a) Geotechnical engineering and (b) geotechnical earthquake engineering.

  K. Wayne Lee (Professor, University of Rhode Island)

  Research fields: Pavement, transportation and civil engineering. 

  Laifa Cao (Adjunct professor, Ryerson University)

  Research fields: Geotechnical engineering including excavation, retaining structures, soil and rock slopes, tunnelling, foundation, in-situ testing and numerical analysis.

  Lucyna Nyka (Associate Professor, Gdańsk University of Technology)

  Research fields: Architecture and urbanism in general. In particular: theory of architecture, contemporary architecture, architectural and urban heritage, urban landscapes, cultural landscapes, architecture and nature, planning and designing with water, waterfront development,  urban renewal, cultural programs for urban regeneration.

  Luigi Di Sarno (Professor, University of Sannio)

  Research fields: Structural earthquake engineering: 1. base isolation; 2. supplemental damping and energy dissipation devices; 3. seismic assessment of Reinforced concrete and steel structures.

  Luling Yang (Dr., University of Notre Dame)

  Research fields: Soil mechanics; Soil dynamics; Rock mechanics; Geotechnical earthquake engineering; Liquefaction; Site response analysis; Deformation analysis; Settlement estimation; Foundation design; Slope stability; Seepage; Retaining walls; Landfill design; Soil-structure interaction; Tunnel design and construction; Finite element modeling of soils and structures; Dams, reserviors, and other water-retaining structures; Solid mechanics; Computational mechanics.

  Consiglia Mocerino (Professor, Sapienza University of Rome-Miur)

  Research fields: technological innovation, sustainable and smart systems, AI, efficiency energy and environmental requalification of buildings.

  Mahroo Eftekhari (Ph.D., Loughborough University)

  Research fields: Natural ventilation, ventilation strategies in buildings, Control systems, Building energy performance, and renewable systems.

  Marco Casini (Professor, Sapienza University of Rome)

  Research fields: Zero Energy Buildings, Green Buildings and Smart Buildings; Nanotechnologies and Smart materials for Buildings; Renewable energy for Buildings; Energy efficiency of Buildings; Air pollution, Indoor air quality and Thermal comfort; Environmental Certification of Buildings; Ecological Design and Life Cycle Assessment of building products; 3D Printing for Architecture; Solid waste management; Smart City. 

  Marcin Kaminski (Professor, Technical University of Łódź)

  Research fields: 1. Finite Element Method; 2. probabilistic computational mechanics; 3. composite materials.

  Sepe Marichela (Professor, University of Naples)

  Research fields: Urban design and planning; Urban landscape; Creative regeneration; Urban regeneration; Place identity; Cultural heritage.

  Marina Traykova (Prof., University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy)

  Research fields: Reinforced Concrete Structures and Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Existing and Historical Buildings.

  Mark H. Wayne (Ph.D., Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc.)

  Research fields: Geotechnical engineering, geosynthetic engineering in the areas of mechanically stabilized walls and slopes, pavements and foundations.

  Massimo Fragiacomo (Associate Professor, University of Sassari)

  Research fields: Structural Engineering, with particular expertise on Timber Engineering, Structural Fire Engineering, and Earthquake Engineering.

  Md. Shamsul Hoque (Prof., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET))

  Research fields: Roadway Safety; Traffic Engineering and Management; Traffic Signaling for Mixed or Heterogeneous Traffic Condition.

  Michela Cigola (Professor, Cassino and Southern Lazio University)

 Research fields: Architectural survey and environmental survey, Descriptive Geometry, History of drawing of machines and mechanisms, Architectural, Urban & Landscape representation, History of Architecture (Europe specially Italy), Architectural, Urban & Landscape survey, History of middle age cartography, Graphic standards, Descriptive Geometry history, Geographic information system (GIS), History of representation and History of tools for drawing and survey.

  Michele Di Sivo (Professor, University G. D'Annunzio)

  Research fields: 1.strategie design to ensure the survival of the buildings over time(flexibility, maintainability, resilience, accessibility); 2. recovery and rehabilitation to scale the building and urban scale (participatory processes, technologies, low cost, lightweight technologies, energy efficiency); 3. architectural technology and materials; 4.inclusive design (accessibility, adaptability).

  Mizi Fan (Professor, Brunel University)

  Research fields: Nanoaerogels and their applications; biomass; natural fiber composites; sustainable engineering materials and design; low carbon construction and sustainability; waste materials and reuses; indoor and built environment.

  Ming-Yi Liu (Professor, Chung Yuan Christian University)

  Research fields: Wind Engineering; Structural Dynamics; Cable Dynamics; Random Vibrations; Wind Tunnel Experiments.

  Mohamed Abdel Kader Ismail (Professor, Hanyang University)

  Research fields: Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete, durability of concrete, waste materials as construction substitute.

  Mouhamadou Bassir DIOP (Professor, University Chaikh Anta Diop de Dakar)

  Research fields: Construction and Building Materials: •Calibration of Moroccan metallic minerals; •Stability of the walls of carbon open pit mines, Jharia Coal Field, India; •Search for a replacement standard sand for Leucate, France, standard sand; •Concrete for paving roads; •Binders for mortars; •Prospecting for glassmaking sand on the North Littoral of Dakar; •Study of the impact of excavation on the environment: The case of mining boulders in by the Sococim Industries in Rufisque-Bargny and Pout; •Materials for replacing sea sand in construction; •Protection of the banks of the Island of Fadiouth against marine flooding.

  Muang Seniwongse (Dr., The Shaw Group Inc.)

  Research fields: Structural and geotechnical engineering and civil engineering.

  Muhammed Tekin (Professor, Celal Bayar University)

  Research fields: Strengthening of reinforced concrete buildings and structures, performance of structures and buildings and improving the seismic performance of existing buildings and structures.

  Mujib Rahman (Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University)

  Research fields: Structural Health Monitoring; Design and rehabilitation of surface structure systems ( pavements, industrial ground floor, railway track); Non-destructive testing (NDT) and back analysis of material properties; Advanced characterization of construction materials and performance prediction; Use of recycled material in construction; Utilisation of soft computing in pavement condition data analysis; Highway asset management.

  Murat Dicleli (Professor, Middle East Technical University)

  Research fields: Highway bridges with particular emphasis on their seismic response.

  Mustafa Mahamid (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago)

  Research fields: Structural Engineering, steel structures and steel connections, concrete structures, masonry structures, earthquake resistant design.

  Namir K. S. Al-Saoudi (Dr., University of Technology)

  Research fields: Geotechnical engineering, particularly in ground improvement; Modeling in Geotechnical Engineering. Behavior of Expansive Soils; Improving the Performance of Soft Soils; Planning and Supervising Educational and Training Programs in Civil Engineering; Environmental and Geotechnical Properties of Contaminated Soils.

  Naoto Mine (Professor, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman)

  Research fields: (1) Construction Engineering (structural works, formwork, finishing works); (2) Construction Management (productivity, scheduling, work study, process analysis); (3) Building systems and technology (timber structures, reinforced concrete structures).

  Narayan V Nayak (Dr., Gammon India Limited, Geocon International Pvt. Ltd.)

  Research fields: a) Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering and in particular Pile Foundations; b) Concrete in general particularly producing durable and sustainable concrete; c) Innovations in areas of Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering and Concrete.

  Nasamat Abdel Kader (Professor, Cairo University)

  Research fields: Architectural design, urban design and housing studies, industrialized techniques of construction, project management.

  Nathaniel Anny Aniekwu (Professor, University of Benin)

  Research fields: Construction management and economics especially as it pertains to developing economies.

  Nedim Suljić (University professor, Associate Professor, University of Tuzla)

  Research fields: Geotechnical and hydraulic engineering.

  Norbert H. Maerz (Associate Professor, University of Missouri-Rolla)

  Research fields: Rock Mechanics, Rock Engineering, Subsurface Exploration, Materials Characterization, Optical Imaging, LIDAR Imaging.

  Olga G. Christopoulou (Professor, University of Thessaly)

  Research fields: Sustainable development,  Natural environment, Sustainable development of rural areas, Protected Areas (Natura 2000 sites), Natural Resources and Ecosystems Management, Agro-environmental Policies, Development of mountainous and insular areas, Sustainable tourism, Socio-economic characteristics of rural areas, community based management, people’s attitudes and perceptions.

  Olga Popovic Larsen (Professor, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)

  Research fields: Bridge architecture and technology, Advanced structural systems and their influence on Architecture, Innovative structures, Sustainable aspects such as design for disassembly, adaptability, reuse etc..

  Osama A. Abaza (Prof., University of Alaska Anchorage)

  Research fields: Civil engineering related to transportation engineering. 

  Oktyabr Rakhimov (Prof., Karshi Engineering - Economics Institute)

  Research fields: Technical Education. 

  Pablo Orihuela (Principal Lecturer, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú)

  Research fields: Lean Construction: Design Management, Construction Management Supply, Production Planning and Control, Waste in Construction, Client Requirements Management, Cost Management, Value in Construction, Building Information Modeling, Teaching Lean Construction.

  Patrick Onuamah (Ph.D., Lecturer, Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT))

  Research fields: Structural engineering and construction material development.

  Qianwei Xu (Associate professor, Tongji University)

  Research fields: Shield tunnel construction; progressive failure of tunnel surrounding rock; model experiment on tunnel construction and slope stability; foundation treatment; settlement control of soft soil subgrade; pile-soil interaction.

  Quan Jiang (Associate professor, Chinese Academy of Science)

  Research fields: Geotechnical engineering and underground engineering.

  Rafael Aguilar (Dr., University of Minho)

  Research fields: Structural health monitoring, Dynamic monitoring of structures, Experimental techniques for structural assessment, Static and dynamic sensors technologies.

  Rajiv Gupta (Professor, Birla Institute of Technology & Science)

  Research fields: GIS and RS (remote sensing), Concrete technology, Water management and Energy Conservation.

  Rekvava Paata (Ph.D., Ministry of Defence of Georgia)

  Research fields: 1. Mathematical simulation of seismic effect considering regional seismological features and site effects. 2. Performance based design in earthquake engineering. 3. Structural rehabilitation and repair. 4. Elaboration of design methods of earthquake behavior of shear distortion type RC buildings considering nonlinear deformations of constructive members. 5. Theoretical researches of nonlinearity effects of interaction soil- interface-structure system during the earthquakes. 6. Evaluation of building reliability and seismic risk on the basis of probabilistic methods. 7. Elaboration of seismic isolation system.

  Sabahattin AYKAÇ (Associate Professor, Gazi University)

  Research fields: Strengthening and Repair of Structures; Reinforced Concrete Structures.

  Sameh Salib (Adjunct Professor, Ryerson University)

  Research fields: Structural applications of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (FRP), Bridges, Buried structures, Soil-structure interaction and Dynamic/seismic analysis.

  Sang Whan Han (Prof., Hanyang University)

  Research fields: Earthquake engineering: (1) Investigation of the structural behavior under earthquakes and (2) Evaluation of seismic performance of building structures.

  Sergo Esadze (Professor, Georgian Technical University (GTU))

  Research fields: Structural engineering; deterministic and random seismic load on construction. Seismic resistant construction; steel construction.

  SHAO Yongbo (Professor, Yantai University)

  Research fields: Steel Connections; Performance of Steel Structures under Fire, Earthquake, Impact or Blast; Fatigue & Fracture of Steel Structures; Structural Reinforcement; Numerical Simulation for Steel Structures; Steel-Concrete Composite Structures.

  Sherif Ahmed Ali Sheta (Associate Professor, Dr., Mansoura University)

  Research fields: Sustainable architecture and urban design, built environment.

  Shin-Che Huang (Dr., Adjunct professor, Western Research Institute)

  Research fields: Materials chemical and physical characterizations (such as recycled asphalt pavement-RAP, modified asphalts, aging characteristics, thin film behavior,…), field validation, forensic investigation of pavement failure, and pavement design.

  Shuokr Qarani Aziz (Ph.D., University of Salahaddin-Erbil)

  Research fields: Water supply Engineering, Wastewater Engineering, Landfill leachate characteristics and treatment, Solid waste management, Noise pollution.

  Sivakumar Naganathan (Dr., University Tenaga Nasional)

  Research fields: Materials, waste utilization to develop building material, development of alternate cementitious material, concrete technology, and repair and rehabilitation of structures.

  Sohail Ayub (Associate Professor, Ph.D., Aligarh Muslim University)

  Research fields: Civil/Environmental Engineering.

  Song Hao (Chief Engineer, Shanghai Taiyokogyo Cooperation)

  Research fields: Structural Engineering, design and construction of spatial structures including structures made of steel, cable and membrane materials.

  Swapan Kumar Das (Ph.D., CSIR-Central Glass &Ceramic Research Institute)

  Research fields: Materials for construction industries: Ceramic based building materials, such as- new generation ceramic tiles (Porous/vitrified, glazed/unglazed, polished, different colour and design etc), Hard abrasion resistant ceramic tile for floors subjected to heavy load, High strength porous ceramic tiles for building insulation, Alternative sources of raw materials for manufacturing ceramic tiles, such as solid industrial waste of iron and steel plant, thermal power plant, mining industries (slag, iron ore tailing, fly ash, red mud, low grade bauxite, marble dust, sand stone dust, rice husk ash etc), Cementitious material. Materials for high temperature processing industries: Advanced refractories (shaped/unshaped, acidic/basic/neutral), New process of refractory aggregate preparation, New bond system, High temperature cement (calcium aluminate based), High temperature insulating materials for energy saving, Self flow castable.

  Tadeh Zirakian (Ph.D., P.E., California State University, Northridge)

  Research fields: Buckling of Thin-Walled Structures; Performance-Based Seismic Design; Seismic Performance of Steel, Concrete, and Composite (Steel/Concrete) Structures; Probabilistic Analysis, and Seismic Retrofit of New and Existing Structures.

  Tamer El Maaddawy (Associate Professor, Dr., UAE University)

  Research fields: Reinforced concrete design and analysis; Structural rehabilitation and repair; Strengthening of structures with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites; Corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete.

  Ted Donchev (Associate Professor, Kingston University)

  Research fields: Strengthening of structures with FRP materials, FRP reinforcement for new RC structures and FRP structural elements, NDT in Structural/Civil Engineering and extreme loading (fire, blast, impact) on structures.

  Triantafyllos Makarios (Lecturer, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

  Research fields: 1. Structural Dynamic, 2. Earthquake Engineering, 3. Identification of Dynamic Characteristics, 4. Earthquake Engineering for reinforced concrete structures.

  Usama F. A. KARIM (Associate Professor, Dr., University of Twente UT)

  Research field: Geo-technique.

  Vail Karakale (Prof., Marmara University-Istanbul)

  Research fields: 1. Seismic strengthening and restoration of historical structures; 2. Seismic design of reinforced concrete structures; 3. Cold formed steel structures; 4. Reinforced concrete design; 5. Evaluation of the earthquake performance of existing structures; 6. Shake table tests of structures; 7. Vibration testes; 8. Seismic isolation of structures; 9. Cladding systems.

  Vishnu Dangol (Professor, Tribhuvan University)

  Research fields: Landslide study and geotechnics.

  Vlatko Sesov (Associate Professor, Ph.D, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius)

  Research fields: Dynamic of soils: experimental and analytical investigation of soils dynamic characteristics, Experimental Investigation of Soil Liquefaction, Remedial measures against liquefaction, Evaluation of Seismic Design parameters for engineering structures, Soil-pile interaction, Performance of pile foundation in liquefiable soils, Numerical modeling (finite element method) of geotechnical problems, Regional zoning and microzonation of Geotechnical Hazards; Improvement of soft and problematic soils in seismic active regions. Mitigation of Natural Hazards (landslides, soil subsidence, soil flow, ...) geotechnical earthquake engineering.

  Wael Salah Fahmi (Associate Professor, Kyoto University & Government of Japan)

  Research fields: Urban Design and Public Spaces, Architectural Design and Experimentation,  Conservation of Historical Districts, and Regeneration and Rehabilitation of Urban Areas.

  Xiangming Zhou (Senior Lecturer, Dr., Brunel University)

 Research fields: Advanced low-carbon environmentally friendly green civil engineering materials; high performance structural materials in civil engineering; advanced concrete technology; and fibre reinforced concrete structures.

  Xing Ma (Lecturer, University of South Australia)

  Research fields: Tower structures and composite structures, in particular nonlinear dynamic analysis of transmission tower line systems, cable structures, skin buckling phenomena, and practical design procedures for composite panels.

  YANG Jian (Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

  Research fields: (1) Structural use of glass; (2) Fiber reinforced composites and their use in Civil Engineering; (3) Light steel structures; (4) Modular construction; (5) Numerical modelling for complex structures; (6) Novel numerical modelling techniques; (7) High performance glazing; (8) Green construction materials; (9) Sustainable constructions.

  Yuri Z. Totoev (Senior Lecturer, University of Newcastle)

  Research fields: Structural Masonry with particular interests in Earthquake Resistant Masonry.

  Zeki Candan (Scientist, Istanbul University)

  Research fields: Wood and wood composites; engineered wood composites; nanotechnology; nano-composites; nano-reinforced bio-composites.

  Zhang Yunsheng (Prof., Southeast University)

  Research fields: 1.Fiber reinforced concrete; 2.High performance and ultra high performance cement based composites; 3.Nondestructive Testing and in-situ monitoring of hydration process of Portland cement pastes; 4.Durability and service life prediction of concrete subjected to the action of combined several deterioration factors; 5.Utilization of industrial residues in concrete; 6.Geopolymeric materials.

  Zhuguo Li (Associate Professor, Yamaguchi University)

         Research fields: Fresh concrete, Waste /by-product recycling in concrete, and LCA of building and civil engineering materials.

        Sanaz Shobeiri (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Queen’s University Belfast)

  Research fields: Landscape Urbanism, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture.

  Mohammad Arif Kamal (Associate Professor, Aligarh Muslim University)

  Research fields: Architectural Design, Environmental Design, Sustainable Architecture, Energy Conservation in Buildings, Climate Responsive Architecture, Traditional Architecture.

  Stefano Follesa (Professor, University of Florence)

  Research fields: spatial design with interests ranging from the relationship between objects and spaces to all the issues concerning public spaces, exhibit design and retail design.

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