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Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering

ISSN: 2328-2142
Frequency: bimonthly
Volume 12, Number 3, May-June 2024 (Serial Number 47)
Editorial Board Members
  • Prof. Francisco Gildemir Ferreira da Silva (Econometrics; Transport Economics; Industrial Organization; and Discrete Choice Models)
  • Prof. Zaili Yang (maritime risk, maritime safety, and maritime security)
  • Prof. Bin Jia (1. Traffic Flow Theory; 2. Microscopic Modeling and Analysis of Complex Traffic System; 3. Traffic)
  • Dr. Antonio Comi (1. Freight and demand transport modelling/forecasting; 2. Supply modelling and design; 3. Demand and supply interaction; 4. Transport system simulation; 5. City logistics; 6. Urban freight transport; 7. Intelligent Transportation System; 8. Scenario assessment; 9. Policy effect evaluation; 10. Road safety; 11. Environmental transport issues)
  • Prof. Rosa Maria Padroni (inland waters Transportation, working behavior and safety of the waterway and crew)
  • Prof. Alexander Medvedev ( Logistics: transport logistics; Aviation: aerodynamics and aircraft design)
  • Prof. Nobuyo Kasuga (human factor associated with traffic safety)
  • Prof. Hui-Ming Wee (production/inventory control, optimization, renewable energyand supply chain management)
  • Dr. Zhang Yingchao (Road vehicel aerodynamics (CFD, wind tunnel test and aeroacoustics) and some CAE application in road vehicle Engineering)
  • Dr. Felipe Jimenez (driver assistance systems, collision avoidance systems, vehicle instrumentation and automation, and intelligent transport systems)
  • Prof. Hui Xie (engine control, vehicle management, EV/HEV control)
  • Prof. Zhao Jian (economics, which include the relationship between transportion and economy, how to introduce spatial dimension into economics,with focus on the research of urbanization in China)
  • Dr. M.A.S. Kamal (Vehicle and Traffic control; Intelligent transportation systems; Model predictive control; Machine learning)
  • Dr. Dragan Simic (Information and communication technologies, logistics systems, facility location, warehouse management systems, transport management systems, statistics, artificial intelligent applications, data analysis, forecasting)
  • Patrick Nathan (land transport expertise lies in the following areas: Security, Emergency Planning, Incident and Crisis Management, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Passenger Services, and Information Fusion)
  • Prof. Zdenek Dvorak (transport protection, information support of crisis management and critical infrastructure protection)
  • Dr. Stefano Maggi (Transport history, Railway technology, Traffic planning)
  • Dr. Francesco Saverio Capaldo (Roads: construction, design, safety, functionality, levels of service and operating speed analisys, Road accident studies, models, scenarios. Surveys on behavioral models of drivers and pedestrian at road sections, intersections. Numerical models and simulations)
  • Dr. Edouard Ivanjko (intelligent transportation systems (ITS), intelligent traffic control, simulation of road traffic systems, application of computer vision in road transport, and prediction and estimation of traffic parameters)
  • Ljupko Simunovic (Non-motorized transport, Urban mobility and Traffic safety)
  • Darko Babic (Logistics (supply chain management, distribution and reverse logistics), Traffic Signalization (Road Traffic and Safety related to Traffic Signalization))
  • Marijan Rajsman (1. Design and Construction of Models for the Development of Passenger and Cargo Demand on Transportation Systems in the Transport System; 2. Design and Creation of Mathematical Forecast Models of Relevant Sizes for the Functioning and study of Transport System Development Dynamics; 3. Use of Statistical Methods and Models (Using Ms Excel and Statistica) in Determining Legal Regularity of the Transport Process as a Scientific and Professional Basis for Transport System Management; 4. Modelling the Development of a Transport System; 5. Optimisation and Management of Road Passenger and Cargo Transport; 6. Analysis of Safety and Prevention of Traffic Accidents in the Road Transport System; 7. Design and Implementation of Systems for Automated Transport Management)
  • Prof. Luís Manuel Braga da Costa Campos (Traffic separation, Traffic capacity, Collision probability, Wake vortex effects for aircraft, Flight Dynamics)
  • Jasmina Pasagic Skrinjar (Transport logistics, Logistics Systems, Game theory and Air Cargo transportation)
  • Dr. Ozgur Baskan (1. Road network design 2. Signal optimization 3. Transportation planning and management 4. Optimization and heuristic methods)
  • Galina Ivanova Zamfirova (Material Science, Mechanical Properties, Micro- and Nanoindentation, Polymeric and Composite Materials, Polymer Physics and Physical Chemistry (mechanical properties and structure of composite materials; the evaluation of the materials used in transport: constructive materials for the vehicle, varnishes, paints; exploitation materials))
  • Judith L. Mwakalonge (Transportation Planning, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety, Traffic Operations, Traffic Simulation)
  • Francesca Pagliara (Integrated land-use/transport models, High Speed Rail and its impacts, Polarization of large urbanised areas and regional rail networks, Transportation decision-making process and Public Engagement, Choice set formation modelling approaches in the context of spatial choices)
  • Prof. Eugen Victor Cristian RUSU (Renewable energy, data assimilation, safe navigation, wave processes cloase to harbor areas, marine environment)
  • Dr. Lorena García Alonso (analysis of the interport competition and the hinterland of ports)
  • Prof. Meor Othman Hamzah (asphalt technology and pavement engineering)
  • Dr. Emile Horak (Pavement rehabilitation and recycling (roads and airfields); Asphalt and Concrete technology and pavement materials engineering (roads and airfields); Pavement Maintenance and Management (roads and airfields); Planning and design of paved, gravel roads and streets; Accelerated Pavement Testing (APT) technology with specific reference to the Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) technology; Technology transfer and management; Municipal engineering and service delivery; Transportation Engineering)

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