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Journal of Communication and Computer

Journal of Communication and Computer

ISSN: 1548-7709 (Print ) 1930-1553 ( Online )
Frequency: monthly
Volume 16, Number 1, April 2021 (Serial Number 134)
Editorial Board Members

NameBogdan Uscumlic  

Academic title/ degree:  Ph.D.                                                    

Research areas: network planning, network performance evaluation, optical and wireless networks, data-link, network and transport layers of the ISO/OSI reference model.


Name:Shamim Ahmed  
Academic title/ degree:  Ph.D.                                                    
Research areas: Artificial intelligence, Computer Vision, Distributed Computing Systems, Computer Networking, Machine Learning.

Name:Ahmed Ebaid   
Academic title/ degree:  Ph.D. 
Research areas:Parallel & Distributed Systems; Algorithms; Computer Networks; Computer Architecture;Energy Aware High Performance Computing.

Name:Yazdan Jamshidi  
Academic title/ degree:  Ph.D.
Research areas: Artificial neural networks, Evolutionary algorithms, Machine learning and Fuzzy logic

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