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Journal of Sports Science

Journal of Sports Science

ISSN: 2332-7839
Frequency: biomonthly
Volume 12, Number 1, Jan.-Feb. 2024 (Serial Number 39)

Laura Capranica

Full professor, Sport Sciences.

Abbas Meamarbashi

Associate Professor, Ph.D, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Engineering.

Hsiao-Ming, Chang

Professor. Ph.D, Sport Management, Sport Tourism, Tourism Planning, Leisure Behavioral.

Harran Qoblan Mefleh Al-Rahamneh

Ph.D., Perceived Exertion, Exercise Physiology, Adapted Physical Education, Physical Fitness for Differnt Age Groups.

Andy Waldhelm, Ph.D., Sports Medicine, Sports Performance, Core Stability.

Yi-hsiang Pan

Physical Education Teacher Education, Curriculum and Teaching in P.E.

Nicole C. Dabbs

Neuromuscular Adaptation, Facilitation, and Recovery, Biomechanical Sport Performance.

Prem Narayan Ramkumar


Daiane Miranda de Freitas

Sport Management.

Anna Sofia Delussu

MD, Ph.D., Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Cardiometabolic responses to exercise in special populations and in disabled athletes.

Hamdi Chtourou

Associate professor, Chronobilogy, Sports Science, Sports medicine.

Gabriel Paul Fife

Assistant Professor, MS, ATC, Athletic Training, Head Injury Biomechanics, Concussion Biomechanics, Sports Epidemiology.

Salomeja Zaksaite

Ph.D., Sports Law, Criminology, Criminal Law.

Abbas Meamarbashi

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Sports Biomechanics, Sports Engineering.

Manuel Sillero Quintana

Ph.D., Thermography, Sports Vision, Kinanthropometry, Sports Perception.

Said El Ashker

Senior lecturer, Ph.D. in sport science, Strength Conditioning, Fitness, Athletic Training, Martial Arts & Combat Sport.

Henrique Pereira Neiva

Researcher, Swimming, Training, Biomechanics, Bioenergetics.

Andreu Camps Povill

Ph.D., Sports Management, Sports Law, Sports Sociology.

Tomasz Piontek

Ph.D., Sport Traumatology Knee, Hip, Ankle, Arthroscopy.

Boca Ioan-Cosmin

Ph.D., Rehabilitation, Sports science.

Maite Cenoz Huarte

Physical Therapist & Basic Body Awareness Therapist, Physica Therapy in mental health.

Nejc Šarabon

Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Motor Control, Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Ergonomics.

Gaizka Mejuto

Ph.D., Exercise Physiology, High Altitude Physiology, Thermoregulation.

Stanislav Dadelo

Professor, Physical education, Sports recreation, Combat sports, Health-related physical fitness.

Ian Gordon Culpan

Associate Professor, Physical Education Teacher Education, PE Curriculum, PE Pedagogy, Sport pedagogy, Olympism, Socio-cultural aspects of PE and Sport.

Jane Williams

Performance analysis of sport, surface electromyography, evaluation of equestrian sport.

Estelle D. Watson

Isokinetic testing, balance testing, physical activity promotion, pregnancy and exercise, exercise in the elderly.

Joaquín González Rodenas

Theoretical and field study of tactical and technical behaviors in team sports.

Lara Rodríguez-Zamora

Ph.D. in sport science, Exercise physiology, Aquatic sports, Apnea physiology. 

Cristiana Lucretia Pop

Physical education, Educational management, Athletics (field and track), Quality in higher education, Olympic history and Physical anthropology.

Anderson Luiz Bezerra da Silveira

Ph.D., Cardiovascular physiology, Physiology of muscle stretching, Heart rate variability.

Simona Safarikova

Ph.D., sport for development, sport and social issues, sport as tool in education.

Eugenia Murawska-Ciałowicz

Exercise Physiology.

Alessandro Porrovecchio

Sport and sexuality; sociology and anthropology of combat sports and martial arts; alcohol, sport and risky behaviour.

Mohd. Nazri Bin Abdul Rahman

Nutritional Sciences, Sports Nutrition, Nutrition and Fitness, Food and Health Related Illnesses.

Oleksandr Krasilshchikov

General Theory & Methodology of Sports Training (including remedial PE), Exercise Prescription, Talent Identification & Development.

Terence Moriarty

Exercise Physiology.

Massimo Armeni

Cardiopulmonary Physiology and Clinics/Neurophysiology of Postural Control and Cranio-vertebral Manipulation. Spinal Column Pain Symptomatology in Fitness and Sport.

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