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Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering

Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering

ISSN: 2159-5879(Print) 2159-5887(Online)
Frequency: bi-monthly
Volume 7, Number 1, Jan.-Feb. 2017 (Serial Number 24)

☆ Prof. Dr. Dang Van Uy (Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam) 
Research fields: Maritime Engineering sciences, Automation technology, Ship’s Technology & biofuel technology;

☆ Prof. Dr. Zurab Bezhanovi (Batumi State Maritime Academy, Georgia) 
Ressesarch fields: Maritime Education & Training;

☆ Prof. Liu Xiao-pei ( Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College, China) 
Research fields: English teaching, teaching methodology, maritime English teaching & translation;

☆ Prof. Michael Doubrovsky (Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine) 
Research fields: port and harbor engineering, geotechnical & offshore engineering;

☆ Prof. Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Essallamy (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt) 
Research fields: Maritime Safety, Security & Environmental Protection/Management;

☆ Prof. Yiannis SAVVIDIS (A.T.E.I.Th, Greece) 
Research fields: Coastal Engineering, Physical Oceanography, Marine Hydrodynamics & Sediment Transport Numerical modelling of marine hydrodynamics;

☆ Prof. Capt Sameh Kabary Rashed (Arab Academy for Science and Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt) 
Research fields: Risk management and ship's Safety, The importance of Human element in shipping industry, search and rescue operations and calculations & Maritime Human Reliability analysis;

☆ Associate Prof. Chen Zhenyan (Jimei university, China) 
Research fields: Maritime English;

☆ Associate Prof. Evangelia A. Karagianni (Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece) 
Research fields: Microwaves, Antennas, Navigation Radars, MMIC, RF, EMC, RFI, Microwave Filters & Low Noise Amplifiers;

☆ Associate Prof. Dr. Penghui Gao (China University of Mining and Technology, China) 

Research fields: Desalination, heat and mass transfer & thermodynamic analysis;

☆ Associate Prof. Dr. Zhaobin Pei (Dalian Ocean University, China) 

Research fields: Maritime Criminal Investigation, Maritime Security & Enforcement, Maritime Rights & Comprehensive Law Enforcement, Marine Administrative Law & Marine Law;

☆ Asst. Prof. Dr. Kareem Mahmoud Tonbol (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Egypt)

Research fields: Physical Oceanography, Meteorology, Climate Change;

☆ Asst. Prof. Dr. Nebil YÜCEL 
(Iskenderun Technical University, Turkey) 
Research fields: Marine Microbiology, Primary and Bacterial Production, Heterotrophic and Autotrophic Bacteria, Eutrophication, Limiting Factors and Prodcutivity;

☆ Asst. Prof. Dr. Taehwee Lee (Pai Chai University, South Korea) 

Research fields: Shipping, Port & Logistics;

☆ Dr. Ahmad Fitriadhy ( University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia) 

Ressesarch fields: Ship Design, Course Stability of Course Stability of Ship & Ship's Manoeuvering;

☆ Dr. Ahmed Sayed Mohamed Ahmed (Hydraulics Research Institute, Egypt) 
Ressesarch fields: Coastal Engineering;

☆ Dr. Ana Mendonça (Departamento de Hidráulica e Ambiente, Portugal) 
Research fields: Submarine outfalls, Boussinesq models & Artificial surfing reefs;

☆ Dr. Andrea Coraddu (DAMEN Shipyard R&D Department, Singapore) 
Research fields: propulsion plants simulations and control, data mining & seakeeping and powering computational techniques with meteo-marine forecasting resources;

☆ Dr. Boris Espinasse (Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, France) 
Ressesarch fields: Plankton distribution and population dynamics, functioning of coastal ecosystem in relation with physical processes, optical methods & their applications in biological oceanography research;

☆ Dr. Brian Gil S. Sarinas (John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Arevalo, Philippines) 
Research fields: Biology and Chemistry-Maritime Related Fields;

☆ Dr. Carlos Norman (University OF Cadiz,Spain) 
Ressesarch fields: Marine ecology, artifical reefs & management ecology;

☆ Dr. Carmen Chirea-Ungureanu (Constanta Maritime University, Romania) 
Research fields: Maritime English & Communication- English at Sea;

☆ Dr. Chuanyuan Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) 
Ressesarch fields: oil spill identification, petroleum pollution & it's ecologic effect; 

☆ Dr. CJ Beegle-Krause (SINTEF, Norway) 
Ressesarch fields: Oil spill modeling & Emergency decision support;

☆ Dr. Dan Malika Gunasekera (CINEC Maritime Campus, Sri Lanka) 
Ressesarch fields: Law of the Sea & Maritime Law;

☆ Dr. Daniel Mihai Toma (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain) 
Ressesarch fields: Digital electronics and marine and underwater platforms and instrumentation;

☆ Dr. Danya Xu (CENSAM, Singapore) 
Ressesarch fields: Physical Oceanography; Numerical modeling and data assimilation of OGCM, paleoceanography & climate change;

☆ Dr. Deeptha Thattai (SRM University, India) 
Research fields: Hydrodynamics, numerical modeling, coastal ecosystems, coastal oceanography & coastal zone management;

☆ Dr. Dogan Ugur Sanli (Yildiz Technical University, Turkey) 
Ressesarch fields: Sea level rise due to changing climate from a geodetic perspective, analysis of sea level/tide gauge records, monitoring sea level using tide gauge data and GPS;

☆ Dr. Dolores Esteban (UPM, Spain) 
Research fields: marine renewable energies, coastal & harbor engineering;

☆ Dr. Eduardo Blanco-Davis (Liverpool John Moores University, UK) 
Research fields: Life cycle assessment applied to shipboard operations and machinery, marine environmental protection and regulation –including emission control–, ship ballast water management and alternatives & environmentally sound marine propulsion systems;

☆ Dr. Evi Plomaritou (Lloyds Maritime Academy, Greece) 
Ressesarch fields: Chartering, Shipping Marketing & Shipping Management;

☆ Dr. Giulia De Masi (Snamprogetti Center of Excellence, Italy) 
Ressesarch fields: Ocean Engineering, Metocean Analysis, Operational Oceanography, Random Sea Simulations and Applications to Naval Operations, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Forecasting techniques & Hydrodynamic Numerical Simulations (CFD);

☆ Dr. Haradhan Maity (Indian Statistical Institute, India)
Research fields: Applied Fluid Mechanics Related to River Dynamics, Mechanics of Turbulence, Erosion /Scouring  & Sediment Transport in Rivers;

☆ Dr. Henry M. Manik (Bogor Agricultural Univesrity, Indonesia) 
Ressesarch fields: Ocean Acoustics, Marine Instrumentation & Underwater Robotics;

☆ Dr. I Gusti Bagus Sila Dharma (Udayana University, Indonesia) 
Research fields: Port Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Hydraulics (undergraduate studies), Coastal Zone Management, Design of Coastal Structures, Theory and Groundwater Modeling & Advanced Hydraulics;

☆ Dr. Ivo Dreiseitl (Interoceanmetal Joint Organization, Poland) 
Ressesarch fields: Marine geology, engineering geology of deep seabed sediments including polymetallic nodules;

☆ Dr. Jakub Montewka (Aalto University, Finland) 
Research fields: maritime accidents (collision and grounding) & its consequences (oil spills, structural damages, ship loss);

☆ Dr. Jinhai Zheng (Hohai University, China) 
Research fields: wave theory, wave modeling, wave-current interactions, wave-structure interactions, tidal current modeling, sediment transport in estuaries and coasts & coastal and estuarine morphology;

☆ Dr. Lau Yui Yip (Hong Kong Community College, China) 
Research fields: Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Supply Chain Management, Port Planning & Maritime Education;

☆ Dr. Luigi De Dominicis (ENEA, Italy) 
Ressesarch fields: Subsea Optics and Imaging, Subsea Structural Monitoring, Subsea archaeology, Security of maritime infrastructure & Photonics;

☆ Dr. Md. Mashiur Rahaman (Bangladesh University of Engineering, Bangladesh) 
Research fields: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Port and Harbor Engineering, Dredger and Dredging Technology & Ship Recycling;

☆ Dr. Mehdi Shahosseini (Academic,cons.eng, Iran) 
Research fields: Civil-Hydraulic engineering, Open and closed conduit flow hydraulic, Fluid mechanic, Numerical and physical hydraulic models, steady and unsteady analysis of water distribution networks and pipelines & River engineering;

☆ Dr. Michele Fiorini (Institution of Engineering and Technology, Italy) 
Research fields: e-Navigation (eNAV), Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS), Homeland Protection (HP), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) & Vessel Traffic Management Systems (VTMS);

☆ Dr. Mohamed El Sayed Hassan Shaltout (Alexandria University, Egypt) 
Research fields: Physical oceanography, Dynamical oceanography & Remote sensing application on oceanography;

☆ Dr. N. M. Golam Zakaria (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh) 
Research fields: Seakeeping performance of ships(it includes motion,motion; related events, added resistance and weather routing etc); shipbuilding & ship recycling industry in Bangladesh covering the topics like its economics, SWOT analysis & Safety and environmental issues;

☆ Dr. NGUYEN HUU HUAN (Graduate University of Science and Technology, Viet Nam) 

Ressesarch fields: Marine ecology & Environmental capacity of tropical coastal waters;

☆ Dr. Renato Skejic (SINTEF, Norway) 

Research fields: Marine Hydrodynamics & Hydrostatics Ship Hydrodynamics (wave, wind, current, ice, etc.);

☆ Dr. Ronald R. Gutierrez (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Peru) 
Ressesarch fields: River morphology and hydraulics, erosion control, flood risk assessment, large rivers & Amazon system; 

☆ Dr. Salvatore Mauro (CNR-INSEAN, Italy) 
Research fields: Ship Manoeuvrability (prevision, definition, evaluation) & Naval Engineering;

☆ Dr. Şebnem Elbek (Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey) 
Research fields: Marine Geology, Marine Science & Technologies;

☆ Dr. Shivanagouda N.Sanagoudra (Karnataka University, India) 
Ressesarch fields: Benthic (seafloor) ecology, both temperate and offshore and nearshore, Coastal Marine Ecology, Including Biological oceanography, primary productivity broad Knowledge in Marine Phytoplankton and Ballast water marine Micro & Macro communities; 

☆ Dr. Tahsin Tezdogan (University of Strathclyde, UK) 
Research fields: Seakeeping, Ship motions, CFD, Ship squat & Ship resistance;

☆ Dr. Tuba Kececi (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) 

Research fields: maritime transportation, safety on board & marine accident investigation;

☆ Dr. Vladimir V. Serebryakov (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine) 
Research fields: High Speed Hydrodynamics, Supercavitating vehicles & supercavitation applications;

☆ Dr. Wen-Hong Liu (National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan) 
Ressesarch fields: Coastal management, sea use management marine spatial planning, coastal management, and fisheries management;

☆ Dr. Wichidtra Sudjarid (Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, Thailand) 
Ressesarch fields: Environmental Monitoring and Investigation, Anaerobic Digestion & Biodegradation of Hazardous Waste;

☆ Dr. Yao-Ting Tseng (University of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago) 
Ressesarch fields: Marine Acoustics; 

☆ Dr. Yujin Gao (Thales, Australia) 
Ressesarch fields: Sonar signal processing, Sonar function studies & sonar designs;

☆ Dr. Zhang Jing-Xin (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China) 
Research fields: CFD technique in hydrodynamic research,fluid mechanics, fluid mechanics, especially in the hydrodynamics and mass transportation in oceans, coasts, estuaries and rivers & numerical simulation of the hydrosynamics;

☆ Mr. Aleksejs Bogdanecs (Novikontas Maritime College, Latvia) 
Ressesarch fields: Maritime Education and Training; pedagogical leadership and seafarers’ competence & Quality Management Systems;

☆ Mr. Arvind Keprate (University of Stavanger, Norway) 
Ressesarch fields: Offshore Piping & Fatigue and Fracture Degradation of Pipelines;

☆ Mr. Jonas Nii Ayi Aryee (Regional Maritime University, Ghana) 
Research fields: Port Hinterland Acessibility, Port Labour & Transport Industry Economics;

☆ Mr. PHAM HAI AN (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam) 
Research fields: Marine dynamics, sediment transport, water quality & Marine and coastal environmental pollution monitoring and simulation;

☆ Mr. Przemyslaw Gilski (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland) 
Research fields: location services, marine technology, radio navigation systems, software-defined radio & wireless communication;

☆ Mr. Thomas Vyzikas (University of Plymouth, UK)

Research fields: numerical modelling, extreme waves, ocean energy, OWCs & CFD;

☆ Mr. Tiago João Fazeres-Ferradosa (University of Porto, Portugal) 

Ressesarch fields: Offshore Engineering, Offshore Structures and Platforms, Scour and Erosion & Hydraulics;

☆ Ms. Phan Kieu Diem (Cantho University, Vietnam) 

Research fields: Forest health and ecosystem, Climate impact assessment on forest health & Coastal ecosystem and its environment;

☆ Ms. LinLin LI (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) 

Ressesarch fields: Natural hazard modeling, including river flooding, tsunamis, storm surges & the sediment movement caused by these hazards;

☆ M.S. UPENDRA MALLA (Engineering and Construction, USA)

Research fields: Naval Architecture and Marine;

☆ Dr. Jose Gonzalez (Lloyd’s Register Global Technology Centre, UK) 

Research fields: Ships, Biofouling, Microfouling, Macrofouling, Seawater, Heat Exchangers, Energy Efficiency, Internal Combustion Engines;

☆ Dr. Negar Dahi Taleghani (Louisiana State University, USA) 

Research fields: Economics-Petroleum Engineering;

☆ Dr. Jun Hou (University of Michigan, USA) 

Research fields: Design and Control of All-electric Ship Propulsion Systems, Energy Management Strategy, Hybrid Energy Storage in Marine Applications, Control and Optimization;

☆ M.Sc. Ahmed Hamdy Hussein Moursy (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Eygpt)

Research fields: Maritime safety & Environmental Administration;

☆TÜRKOĞLU Muhammet(Marine Sciences and Technology Faculty,Turkey )
Research fields:Marine Planktonology (Protista: phytoplankton ve Microzooplankton),Excessive Algal Proliferations and algal toxicology,Micro and Macro Nutrients in Marine Systems,Heavy Metal Pollution in Aquatic Systems, especially in Marine Systems,Biophysicochemical Oceanography;

Dr.Elina Bakradze(Head of The Atmospheric Air, Water and Soil Analyses Laboratory)
Research fields:Chemistry, ecology

☆ Associate Prof.Gorana Jelic Mrcelic(faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Split)

Research fields:Fouling, Aquaculture, Environmental protection

Gholam Reza EMAD(Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania, Launceston Tasmaina)

Assistant Prof./Ph.D

Research fields:Human Element, Maritime Education and Training, Qualitative Research, Communities of Practice, Adult and Vocational Education

☆  Juliana Rodrigues Gadelha  (Senior Biologist at Fundação BioRio- PhD; Member COCIEN (Scientific Nacional Comission) CBPDS- (Brazilian Confederation of Scuba diving and Fishering; Colaborator do CESAM & Departamento de Biologia.Universidade de Aveiro

Degree/title: PhD Marine Biology- Ecotoxicology, Environmental  and Climate Changes

Research fields: Ecotoxicology/ Taxonomy / Histology and Histochemistry/ Ecology

☆  Morteza Namvar (Aerospace engineering)

Degree/title:  Master of Science, Aerospace, Aerodynamic

Research fields: Unstructured grid generation, Turbulence modeling, High order accuracy, Large eddy simulation, Shape optimization, Moving mesh methods

☆  Zohreh Heidari Nesheli (Marine Biology Department)

Degree/title:  Ph.D.

Research fields: Oceanic modeling, Study of rip current, Oceanography field

☆  Sana Sharifian (Marine Biology Department)

Degree/title:  Ph.D.

Research fields: Population dynamic,Ecology,Zoology,Taxonomy,Histology, Marine biology

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