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US-China Education Review A

US-China Education Review A

ISSN: 2161-623X (Print)
Frequency: monthly
Volume 11, Number 4, July-Aug. 2021 (Serial Number 105)
About This Journal

US-China Education Review A & US-China Education Review B, two monthly professional academic journals, are striving to provide the best platform for researchers and scholars worldwide to exchange their latest findings and results. Current columns involve Higher Education, Higher Educational Management, Educational Psychology, Teacher Education, Curriculum and Teaching, Educational Technology, Education Economics and Management, Educational Theory and Principle, Educational Policy and Administration, Comparative Education, Vocational and Technical Education, Special Education, Educational Philosophy, Elementary Education, Science Education, Lifelong Learning, Adult Education, Distance Education, Pre-school Education, Early Child Education, Secondary Education, Art Education, Rural Education, Environmental Education, Health Education, History of Education, Sociology of Education, Educational Methodology, Education and Culture, Legal of Education, Educational Evaluation and Assessment, Physical Education, Educational Consulting, Educational Training, Moral Education, Family Education, as well as other issues. 

Instructions for Authors: 

1. Within two months after the receiving of the article, the editorial department has the exclusive right to edit, and the author should promise not to submit the article to other places for publication. If no formal employ notice is received after two months, the author can freely deal with the article. 

2. The article should not belong to any kind of translated, revised or selected version of any language and should not be published in any other kind publication both home and abroad. 

3. The article should be the author's own creative achievement. No plagiarism is allowed. Any quoted arguments, data and results of others' studies should be clearly indicated.

 4. The article should confirm to the Chinese law and be not involved with state confidentiality. Written permission of relevant principal should be provided, if the author's unit or the project that the article belongs to requires the secrecy. Otherwise, the author should take the responsibility for all the economic losses and negative social effects caused by the misfeasance. 

5. If the article is accepted, the author should agree to make timely and effective modifications according to editors'suggestions. 

6. If the article contains more than one author and unit, the arrangement of sequences of signatures and unit titles should be assured without any disputes. Any alteration, addition and deletion should be timely informed to the editors through the email. 

7. Please authorize our editorial department to utilize your article exclusively and to collect it in the relevant databases that have cooperation with our periodical.

 8. Please confirm to pay for the publication fee for the delivering article.

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