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Reliability Analysis of Offshore Wave Energy and Seaweed Farming System

Reliability Analysis of Offshore Wave Energy and Seaweed Farming System

Author(s): Oladokun Sulaiman Olanrewaju, Kong Fah Tee, Nor Aieni bt Haji Mokhtar
0pp  October  2017
  • ISBN: (Ebook)  1-934502-23-5 USD $40.00
  • ISBN: ( Print)  1-934502-23-5 USD $60.00
Author Information
This book presents the risk analysis technique for floating device that can be
used for wave energy, seaweed farming and other ocean platforms. The beginning
chapters cover aspects of identification of parameters for system risk and
reliability-based design that is increasingly adopting risk and reliability analysis for
safety, efficiency and sustainable development purpose. This book also covers
model application of risk analysis towards the deployment of seaweed and wave energy device in open water. Chapter six describes environmental impact
assessment of ocean structure and sustainable use of the ocean resources. It is
expected to open doors to creative system designs, autonomous technology for
inspection and the implementation of prospective market boom of offshore
aquaculture system for higher end marine biotechnological products to support
current needs for macro-algae by products. Offshore Macro-algae cultivation offers
huge economic value as results from many countries have shown that it is one of the
important source for food production, the cosmetic industry, energy production,
greenhouse gas capture, pollution filter, medicine, food supplement, food
processing product, stabilizer and emulsier of dairy, baking, cosmetic and
pharmaceutical and chemical products, etc. Likewise, piloting ocean renewable
energy systems and development has huge potential to provide future alternative
power source for humanity.

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