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The Challenge from Silence to Stand Up

The Challenge from Silence to Stand Up

Author(s): Asmaa F. Hamouda
68pp  January  2017
  • ISBN: (Ebook)  1-934502-22-7 USD $90.00
  • ISBN: ( Print)  1-934502-22-7 USD $120.00
Author Information
    Almighty God created man in the best formation. If we consider human-like Hulk consists of small molecules essential and fundamental for the human existence, which make it the most complex structures in nature, yet it is made up of those the same necessary minerals and elements that are our natural resources. But the human with the passage of time and the use of bad for the environment. Human evil uses led to damage the environment as well as to enter the combination formulations unwanted processed food from the plant, bacteria, etc. These combinations have become harmful inside human gene and affected genetics manipulations. So diseases have been invited to enter the human body and become more famous (e.g. HIV, which invited from African monkeys). The relay on processed foods like cereals, dairy products, and refined sugars encourage diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and weight gain. There is human war, humans kill each other, and this war led to toxins and pollution to the environment, they doing that in the name of God. But Almighty God does not ask them to do that, but God asks them to build the earth. It is considered as life equation that breaks by severe human uses, so human must back to the Mother Nature.
    I think that a “Nutrition challenge in modern life (Back to Nature)” is a book for a reader or a learner, or patient, or academic person. I decided to write this book because of many nutrition misinformations. In media (TV, the internet, some doctors, and people) give many pieces of advice, and I feel with sickness, firing and exciting, so finally I became mad to learning and writing about nutrition information, for me, it is a point of death or life, so I choose life.
    So, what we do to learn about nutrition? First, understand it, and then make sure we remember it. It is not about putting information into your mind. Based on the latest research in psychology science, science takes a lot more than a word on a page. We know what twists and turns your thinking and understanding your mind. It is an art letting you always remember that nutrition means health and fun.
    We know what you are thinking and what your brain imagine to hope and wish in feel satiety.
    “How can this book have science fact and fun soul at the same time?”
    “What about all pictures and plenty of information in this book?”
    “Can we indeed learn this style?”
    Your brain is always checking, waiting and imaging for something unusual, by this way you learn to stay alive waiting for some hope and exclusive event. Believe me; it is an extraordinary book and it contains a compound thought rather than scientific information. Remember your brain and body very smart than you imagine…so your brain knows to back to Mother Nature. Keep this book around you.” And that is for healthy and fun life.
    Some of the “Nutrition challenge in modern life (Back to Nature)” learning principles:
    - Make writing style more visible where learning becomes much more efficient through images and pictures that are more memorable than words alone.
    - Tell stories instead of lecturing by using casual language and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We used people stories and pictures; brain pays more attention to people than it does to things and learns from their experiments because you are a person.
    - Let the learner think more deeply by increasing enthusiasm and attentions on both sides of the brain through challenge and exercises.
    - Touch their emotions. We know that we have the ability to remember emotional content more than something else (like mother and their son). Something like guess what (sweet potato can help you to solve many problems inside your body including weight loss).
    - We used plenty of information, saying the same thing many times in different ways. We used principle and image in unexpected ways because your brain is turning to thinking toward the creations styles.
    - We used many learning approaches, step-by-step strategies, using big picture and examples, where everyone found their goal. Regardless of reader own learning preference, everyone benefits from seeing the same content represented in multiple ways, by this style the contents of the book presented for both sides of brain’s reader.
    Here’s what YOU can do to put and submit your brain to our story events.
    Here we are and did our part. The rest belong to you to take the challenge seriously. Listen, learn, and try doing new things. Slowing down, take it step by step, write your notes, make it the last thing you read before bed, and when you wake up speaking about it and feeling everything as well as do many practices with fun.

Asmaa F. Hamouda1, 2

1. Ph. D. Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University Alexandria, Egypt (2013).

2. Assistant Professor in Biochemistry Umm Al-Qura University, Mecca, Saudi Arabia (2014-2016).

Corresponding Author: Asmaa F. Hamouda, Ph.D., Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, research field: biochemistry. E-mail:

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