Change in the Muscle Tension of the Shoulder Girdle Muscles in Patients with Spinal Pain, Using the Tone Control® Technique -David Publishing Company
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1. ASP Pio Albergo Trivulzio, Milano, Italy
2. School of Physiotherapy, University of Milan, Milan, Italy


The aim of the study was to verify the efficacy of the Tone-Control method in inducing a reduction in the tension of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and therefore a normalisation of posture in the segment. The authors analysed the change in posture, which was related to the muscle tension of the pectoralis major muscle and the trapezius muscle, resulting from the administration of a programme of encoded exercises known as the Tone Control method. The study was conducted on 70 patients with postural back pain, aged between 25 and 81 years and with a mean age of 61.9 years, 11 male patients and 59 female patients, who attended group rehabilitation for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 sessions. Acute phase patients, patients on anti-inflammatory pharmacological treatment and patients with hernias or bulging causing thecal sac impingement were excluded from the study. Measurements were taken of the angles of the joints in the scapulohumeral segment during the first and last sessions. The NRS (numeric rating scale) pain scale was administered at the start and end of the cycle of sessions. Conclusions: Patients in the study group experienced improvements in the angle measurements that were proportionally greater than those of the control group, together with a considerable reduction in perceived pain, with an overall improvement in posture and shoulder girdle function.


Tone control, muscle tone change, improvement in muscle contraction, shoulder girdle rehabilitation.

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