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Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment, Robert Gordon University


Over the last three decades, the Middle East (ME) region has experienced rapid economic and infrastructure transformation. Most of the dwelling places have fully adopted western architectural trends ignoring both the cultural and environmental fundamentals of the region. The paper is incorporated with a Ph.D. research, it is cognizant of the fact that socio-demographics has changed over the years. Large cities in the region have experienced massive population growth which has made traditional architectural (TA) less suitable. This study is focused on identifying how recent innovation and technologies can be used in the adaptation of architectonic traditions. Seeking to identify how the inherent sustainability characteristics of TA can be integrated with modern architectural studies for cultural relevant and sustainable dwellings in the ME. An investigation in houses in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia where the climate is mostly hot and arid will serve as the case study for this research because of its strong history in TA coupled with proliferation of western architecture. Research will utilize a qualitative data because it is inclusive of situational descriptions, events and observed behaviors. It will enable findings based from the participants view to cultural existence and change, and meanings important to them. Moreover, researcher will rely on the themes as the main backbone on what the study is trying to bring out. Thus, will ensure findings end up with what is appreciated for environmental housing application not only based on climate control but also based on other psychological and visual components.


Environmental traditional architecture, thermal comfort, transitional architecture and well-being.

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