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1. P.H.O. Center for Public Health-Skopje, Bld. 3rd Macedonian Brigade No.18, Skopje 1000, Republic of Macedonia
2. Ministry of Health of the Republic of Macedonia, str.50th Division No.6, Skopje 1000, Republic of Macedonia


Collecting eggs of Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus (Skuse, 1894) (Diptera, fam. Culicidae), i.e. Asian tiger mosquito was carried out in August 2016. Fourteen (14) ovitraps were placed at 3 different places: the area Banja Bansko (near Strumica), Mrzenci (Gevgelija) and at the border crossing between Macedonia-Greece (Bogorodica). During one month the ovitraps were exposed for two weeks, near the vegetation that mosquitoes use as resting places, also in the places where people are present and close to potted flower arrangements. The collected eggs from the ovitraps were returned to the Entomological laboratory of the P.H.O. Center for public health-Skopje and put in an entomological (hand-made) cage. Under the optimum moisture and temperature, after a few days the adults emerged. The determination of species was performed using a binocular magnifier. A total of 50 mosquitoes were collected, of those 23 were male Ae. albopictus and 27 were female Ae. albopictus. These examples were verified by prof. Dusan Petric and the Medical entomology laboratory at the Faculty of Agriculture Novi Sad (Republic of Serbia). The presence of Ae. albopictus in the Republic of Macedonia was for the first time determined. We are now even more motivated to investigate and prove the presence of tiger mosquitos in other locations in Macedonia.


Asian tiger mosquito, ovitraps, collecting eggs, Republic of Macedonia.

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