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Intelligent Heart Quantum Body and Superior Mind

Intelligent Heart Quantum Body and Superior Mind

Author(s): Dr Jerzy Dyczynski
  • ISBN: (Ebook)  1-934502-18-9 USD $40.00
  • ISBN: ( Print)  1-934502-18-9 USD $60.00
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   The Intelligent Heart, Human Quantum Body and the Superior Mind and are placed in gravity and space as the part of surrounding us Universe. They have to master not only our personal health but also they are responsible for the creation of the mankind’s future and peace.

    According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine the three most important values source of a perfect harmony of the Human Being are: happiness, health, and wealth.

     Many of the NASA space born technologies and discoveries are used today to help us to stay happy and healthy.

    In six Chapters the reader finds understandable  guidelines to health based on the fundamentals of the Intelligent Heart, Respiratory Muscle Training, Personal Genetic Profile, the brain’s  operating tool, the mind and the ultimate functions of the Superior Mind.

    Chapter 1 The Human Heart

    Chapter 2 The Intelligent Heart

    Chapter 3 The Quantum Heart

    Chapter 4 The Personal Genetic Profile

    Chapter 5 The Superior Mind, Brain and Spinal Cord

    Chapter 6 Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Acupuncture: a Modern and Scientific View

  The last Chapter 6 illuminates the Traditional Chinese Medicineand Medical Acupuncture in the sight of the Quantum Medicine.

   The knowledge of the advantageous position of the  Quantum Observer focused his/her  breathing and of own Quantum Body functions , the curative intention as the ultimate Healer build the pathways to accelerated regeneration, increased production of the omnipotent adult stem cells  and the complete  functional restoration.

    The book gives the readers the applied knowledge and practical tool tools how to prevent and to avoid the chaotic dynamics of illness with its strange as well as the hidden attractors.

   They can be dangerous and are connected to the serious risks for our health and sometimes for our life. The healing is based on the perfect heart’s functions and the superior role of the heart based mind.

    The book offers the readers an insight and a personal understanding of progress of medical sciences, Cardiology and Quantum Medicine. It allies the strength of the modern medicine with the Traditional Chinese Medicine systemic approach and the medical acupuncture treatment.

   The book builds a bridge and sequences the functionality of the Superior Mind based on good functions of the Intelligent Heart.

    Only the mind rooted perfectly in our peacefulheart constitutes the Superior Mind which is able to create happiness, health and wealth.

    The Motto of this book is:

    Make the Knowledge of the Intelligent Heart and the Superior Mind Personal for Your perfect Health and for the Benefit of Mankind.

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    Dr Jerzy Dyczynski MD is medical doctor, a cardiologist, a doctor of medical sciences, a MBAin medical  wellness and a medical Acupuncturist addresses in excellent  way and for curative  allied  powers  of    Cardiology,  modern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and  Quantum  Medicine.

    Dr Jerzy Dyczynski  is a highly qualified acupuncturist, medical doctor and scientist who has over 35 years medical experience; initially as a medical physician and cardiologist, before graduating in Traditional Chinese Medicine during the early 1990’s in Beijing, China.

   He received his doctorate is in Cardiology and he has also graduated in 2008 as a medical MBA from the University of Lueneburg in Management of Outpatient and Integrative Medical Care in Germany with his masters focusing on Medical Wellness.

    Since 1991, he has practiced acupuncture, holistic cardiology and research in Europe, before immigrating to Perth in 2007.  In Australia, Dr Dyczynski has been practising as a holistic medical acupuncturist and wellness medicine doctor, as well as undertaking significant medical research in heart-brain medicine at the Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia

    Dr Jerzy has been involved in numerous medical research projects and he published in nearly 60 medical journals and books of abstracts as well as many articles in newspaper and popular journals about Cardiology, medical sciences   and medical acupuncture.  He wrote and published two books focused on health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Dr Dyczynski’s research includes “Intelligent Heart”, Hibernating Brain and Heart-Brain Medicine. He researched extensively the medical acupuncture for reduction of stress levels and the chronic fatigue syndrome.

In cooperation with WA  University of Western Australia WA Institute for Medical Research  he presented  also the scientific work entitled The Hibernating Brain (HB) is the master key to Alzheimer’s disease, in June 2011 Curtin University, Perth. 

    Recently Dr Jerzy has been invited to be a Chairman and to speak at the Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Annual Conference Brisbane, 2012 at the peak annual convention and symposium of acupuncture and Chinese medicine professionals in the Asia-Pacific region about stress cascade and the healing role of acupuncture.

    The newest published scientific papers in 2013 and 2014 concerning the role of the Personal Genetic Profiling for a holistic health and in early prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death.

    Dr Jerzy is an instructor in medical Qi-Gong and Shaolin Kung-Fu coordination training, which he also teaches. He is accredited by the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), Australian Society for Medical Research, Member of the European Cardiac Society, Australian Society for Medical research and the Medical Society for Heart-Brain Medicine.

    The discovery of the Human Heart’s holistic intelligence transfers us into the inner and outer space of future health mastery.

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